MedConduit has a long history as an Internet company and provider of e-commerce systems.

2000 - The company was originally founded in March as MedConduit.com, Inc. in New Rochelle, NY.  The first version of the software was released later that year.

2001 - The company was acquired in October by National Distribution & Contracting, Inc. (NDC) in Nashville, TN.

2005 - Greg Laird (our current owner) joined NDC in April as the Vice President responsible for the MedConduit software and business.

2006 - Greg was the architect and lead the development team at NDC as they began a complete rewrite of the system using Microsoft technologies.

2007 - MedConduit 2.0 was launched in February.

2017 - MedConduit.com, LLC was formed and acquired the assets of MedConduit from NDC on March 1st.